No Sun Without Shadow, by Roger SeLegue

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Vergil Tynan wanted something for which he could live. I feel very old and very tired, he thought. I’ve felt this incessant ache of “old-ness” since my teens. Not “old” in the sense of wisdom, knowledge, and a place in life, but of futility with all is frustrations – a continual nagging loneliness. Vergil then reprimanded himself: Oh, get a hold of yourself, or you’ll wind up like a whimpering coyote!

Regina Lazar, the Queen, had arrived. The entire restaurant population was hushed as heads turned to gape at this stunning woman. Vergil, too, was rendered speechless when he looked at her. Her presence seemed even more magnificent and regal than on their wedding night. There was an aura about her that suggested that if he looked too hard, he would be blinded. The outfit was different, daring, flamboyant - a genuine traffic stopper. Unlike the embarrassment he experienced when Regina wore that that gaudy flowered dress - he felt proud. Why, this ravishing creature coming toward him was his own wife!

Perdita Esperanza was young, and there was an air of subdued gaiety about her clothes – a smart green jacket, a white silk long-sleeved blouse with cuffs. Down the front ran frilly trimming of pleated lace. Her strong full breasts asserted themselves, creating dimples in the silk to catch the sheen off the sunlight. The cover of clothes could not hide the purity of nature’s lines. Her thick black, shoulder-length hair, highlighted by the sun’s rays, changed colors like water rushing over a jutting rock in a swift stream. The symmetry of her body was in harmony with the loveliness of her face.

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