No Sun Without Shadow, by Roger SeLegue

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Roger SeLegue's novel "No Sun Without Shadow" is a strange and layered work that masquerades as pop or even pulp fiction, with carefully rendered characters that move -- or more often, don't -- in ways that characterize deeper literary themes.

The work is described as a "complex story involving its principle characters, Vergil Tynan who identifies with Sisyphus and who is stuck in a low-level employee job in a large insurance company" ... but the complexity goes further than the 'man against the machine' dynamic it touches upon, exploring sexual adventurism against a questioning background that challenges the dull conformity of modern day.

"No Sun Without Shadow" examines the essay "The Myth Of Sisyphus" (Albert Camus) through actions and thoughts of the characters. The main character, Vergil, plays the part of quiet desperation and explosive sexual encounter in his quest to discover if life is worth living.

The book does have flaws in some outlandish or trite dialog and pacing, but the ambitious nature of the theme makes the action necessarily quixotic; though the story succeeds in framing the question, the inevitable vagueness of possible answers seems to compell the story to spiral away as if in answer. Absurdity abounds, and there is enough realism in the work to make the reading unsettling when set against the caricatured elements.

SeLegue's work is an example of the literary introspective culture that has all but disappeared from the American scene ... posing questions and challenging readers to think about their lives is a function of art, but not ascendent commerce. It is hoped that SeLegue continues his path of dedication to thought in writing, and furthers his contributions to not only commerce but art.

John Royce

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