No Sun Without Shadow, by Roger SeLegue

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Author Roger SeLegue has written a riveting novel of the complexities and absurdity of life based upon the essay The Myth of Sisyphus by existentialist writer Albert Camus.

No Sun Without Shadow is a complex story involving its principle characters, Vergil Tynan and Regina Lazar. Vergil who deeply identifies with Sisyphus, is stuck in a low-level job with a large insurance company. His only escape from life and the only way to cope with his angst and situation is sex with wild and electrifying Regina, who is Jewish while Vergil is Catholic.

The thrill and danger of scuba diving with his good friend Nick doesn't seem to be enough to alleviate the growing dissatisfaction of his life either. Immersing himself in Camus' Sisyphus essay, he begins a dangerous downward spiral of living out the reluctant heroes path.

Finally Vergil begins to ask the question posed by Camus, "Is life worth living?"

"Does the absurd dictate... death?"

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